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Product Description

Situated in upper midtown Manhattan 483 metres from the Central Park the Whitby Hotel is a short distance away from stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. The Whitby Hotel offers complimentary WiFi to all guests.Each room at The Whitby Hotel is individually designed with floor to ceiling windows. Some rooms have a private terrace and offer views of the Manhattan skyline. Interiors have been designed by Kit Kemp.Guests will also have access to The Whitby Bar and Restaurant an Orangery a book-lined drawing room as well as a fully equipped gym.The Museum of Modern Art is 483 metres from the property while Rockefeller Centre and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are 805 metres from the property. Guests will find many restaurants in the vicinity as well.

Check-in Time: 15:00
Check-out Time: 12:00


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