Our Mission

To become your travel provider of choice through by providing you superior customer service and discounts.

Our Story

The internet changed the way everyone planned for their vacation as new travel booking platforms developed. People no longer had to rely on travel agents or airport ticket counters. Everyone was free to do as they pleased. However, customer service began to suffer as booking platforms emphasized tools over customer interaction and ultimately profits over people. Worldwide Holiday Store was founded with the goal to bring back the high-quality customer service of the pre-Internet days while maintaining the leveraging the power of the Internet to delivering incredible vacation values to our customers.

Our Values


At Worldwide Holiday Store, we value our interactions with our customers. We understand that a successful vacation depends upon our customer’s preferences. The best way to learn about our customers is by talking to them. We avoid forcing them to talk to a robot or read a confusing FAQ.


Building upon our interactions with our customers, we collaborate with them to ensure that their holiday is a success. Our Worldwide Holiday Experts™ take the time to get to know our customers and work with them the entire time: from planning all the way until our customer arrives home.


Since we take the time to interact and collaborate with our customers, we are incredibly sensitive to their needs. We are not afraid of change at Worldwide Holiday Store. We are flexible and nimble. We won’t get got up in processes that don’t work.